Inglewood Report


Hello and welcome to our Quarterly Sales Update for Inglewood!

As a local member of the Inglewood community, or if you are thinking of becoming a member is this amazing lifestyle suburb, here is a little bit of information that may come in helpful.  

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.  We love to chat about whats happening in the community.  

Perth Metro Snapshot

Team Genesis

 Jonathan Clover, Director / Sales Coach Trainer

Working within his father’s real estate agency since the age of 16, Jonathan has done most roles within a real estate office including pushing a mop and broom around, analyzing marketing and property trends, managing client engagement...

“My dad owns a real estate office in Canada, my grandfather started what became the largest agency on Vancouver Island at the time, my uncle runs one of the largest commercial real estate agencies in British Columbia… it’s a genetic disorder in our family” Jonathan remarks.

“A lot of people ask me why I am in real estate?” Jonathan says the answer is simple, “Aside from my faith and family there are 3 things that get me up in the morning. I love meeting and helping people, I value our shared community, and I am passionate about property. This is the perfect industry for me!"

The last decade has seen Jonathan progress from a business consultant within the real estate and business broking industry to the WA /NT State Manager of First National Real Estate, Australia’s largest group of independent real estate agents, and now being Director and Sales Coach of his very own First National Real Estate Office.

 Mos Mahmoud, Sales Consultant

‘Mos is one of the rare human beings I know who is truly motivated by making others successful!  No wonder he also has become successful!"  Director and Sales Coach Jonathan Clover says "This along with many other awesome characteristics is why I was so thrilled that Mos became one of the foundation team members of First National Real Estate Genesis."  

Mos is loyal and generous to everyone he interacts with.  But don't let his kind nature make you think he is "soft", his negotiation skills are sharp and he is a master at following a measurable sales process to ensure results are achieved for his clients.  

Aside from real estate, Mos has great life experience.  As a former archaeologist, Mos understands the value of culture and community and loves to find out the stories of people and their homes.  

A passionate community member with local family history spanning 4 decades, Mos loves living and selling homes in the Mount Lawley area and being in an industry that combines honesty, motivation, energy, hard work, teamwork and helping others.

 Jared Dimbleby, Sales Consultant

Jared has always thrived off having connection with others! On the soccer field, volunteering for event security, engaging with the local community garden and being part of the First National Genesis family are all examples of Jared's passion for working in cooperation with others, and it is this passion that led Jared to the real estate industry.

Don't be fooled by his youthful charm, Jared started his real estate journey managing the "buyer experience" and has gained vast real estate experience including sales from studio apartments and land subdivisions to elite multi-million dollar homes.

Throughout his growth, Jared has remained genuine and centered knowing that the best satisfaction as a Real Estate Agent is truly connecting with people and his community at large, "what better way to effect change in the lives of others than helping them with their homes and investment properties?!"

Jared has developed exceptional negotiating skills, a deep market knowledge, and an understanding that the best result comes from having the best process.

Continually contributing to the superior standard of operation of First National Real Estate Genesis, Jared recognizes the best result for others come from having a clear plan, sticking to it, and being held accountable for it!

 Frances Fry, Sale Consultant

Frances really is a very special person, both professionally and personally.  Having her join us here at First National Real Estate Genesis is such a privilege! 

It is rare to find someone with such a passionate, energetic and competitive spirit who also connects with each of her clients as real people.  Frances has a genuine care that complements her energy giving her clients comfort as they interact with her, and confidence in her skills in Real Estate. 

Frances has great passion for the people in her life, her community at large and the properties which form the building blocks of those communities! 

 Kate Moxham, Sales Administration

After excelling in the retail and hospitality sector for 5 years, Kate started her career in real estate in 2014. Kate progressed quickly from reception to sales administration where her passion for people and process has provided her colleagues and their clients with amazing support.

Growing up in Fremantle, Kate’s love for property was born out of culture shaped by its historical buildings and beachside lifestyle and community focus. Being motivated by her love for dealing with people, the value that she places on her community and her passion for property has seen Kate handpicked to join the experienced and energetic team here at First National Real Estate Genesis.

Stop in for a chat and a coffee and you will see firsthand why Kate is a valuable part of Team Genesis!